Is Sex Major Cause of Divorce? How?

by | Jun 22, 2017

Sex is an unbelievably high degree of importance in a marriage. Many will say “love does it all” though love is a key factor; sex is a vital agent that if not given the needed attention, can destroy the love you share.

No sex or poor sex affects virtually every part of the love-life and could, directly or indirectly, lead to the other causes of separation or divorce.
No sex or poor sex could also lead to cheating and infidelity; poor communication and commitment; reduced affection, passion, intimacy and romance; and so on

Great regular sex reduces the chances of cheating and sexual infidelity. It also improved fertility and chances of having children

How Sex Problems Are Destroying Many Homes
-Low libido or lack of interest in sex (just doing it as someone compell to do it or doing it to please your partner)Erectile Dysfunction

-Erectile Dysfunction
-Withholding sex or depriving partner of sex for whatever reason. For example as means of punishment or to get some attentionnon

-Non-exciting or non-adventurous sex

-Infrequent sex. Like going months without sex and having sex just for procreation

-Sexual intimacy is a very important aspect of marriage like the engine room.

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