Rida Cleanser


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  • Detoxes and cleanses
  • Helps with yeast balance
  • Supports intestinal flora
  • Boosts immunity
  • Recommended for colon cleansing
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RIDA Cleanser is RIDA Brand Detoxing product. It cleanses your colons and reduces the cholesterol deposit in the system. Testimonials abound.
This product strengthens the Immune System. This attribute makes it valuable for health conditions and various kinds of infections across a wide range. It has powerful antibacterial and fungicidal effects. Also, it is rich in antimicrobial agents used for piles, fevers, sore throat, bronchitis, eye and ear infections, scurvy and catarrh. It is very effective in the management of obesity. It has proved valuable in reducing high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) therefore making it good for diabetic patients

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