by | Jan 25, 2017

“ H e a l t h y  c i ti z e n s  a r e  t h e  g r e a t e s t  a s s e t  a n y  c o u n t r y   c a n  h a v e . ”
― Winston S. Churchill

Toxins are bad but they are not the worst things to hit our body. Scientist have now discovered that almost every disease from Cancer to Heart disease, Stroke to Ulcers, Diabetes mellitus to Rhematoid Arthritis are caused by one thing over time – Free Radicals.
Free radicals are molecules, usually of oxygen, that have lost an electron. That loss makes them unstable (in chemical terms, reactive). They begin to covet their neighboring molecules’ electrons. In stealing an electron, they operate as terrorists in the body. They can attack DNA, leading to dysfunction, mutation, and cancer. They can attack enzymes and proteins, disrupting normal cell activities, or cell membranes, producing a chain reaction of destruction.
Do you know that the drugs we take produces harmful side effects as a result of the free radicals they generate. Also, alcohol, processed foods, cigarette smokes, pollutants produced by modern technologies, smoked and barbecued food, deep fried foods, food containing farm chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides all have the same effect as potent generators of free radicals.
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