Natures Pure Miracle; Ruzu Harbal Bitters Dissolves Fibroids

by | Jul 31, 2018

Ruzu Harbal Bitters; Natures Pure Miracle Dissolves Fibroids Within Three Months of Using it; Amazing Right.

Good morning ! I am so excited to share this, A customer I sold Ruzu bitters to shared this testimony: She has fibroid, the growth is big and very painful to her. She has been given appointment for surgery in February 2016. She bought a bottle of Ruzu & after three days of taking it, she went for a check up on appointment. The doctor expressed surprise @ d result of d test & scan.The doctor then inquired to know the type of drugs that performed such magic. The customer excitedly answered & said Ruzu. Of course, the doctor has never heard of Ruzu before then. Doctor advised that she takes three bottles more and observe before February that d surgery is to take place. She was so excited at d way Ruzu worked on her within 3 days. She saw some lumps coming out of her menstrual flow.

Shared by Jenny.

Fibroids are very stubborn, besides it’s been there for long, so even four bottles can not melt n remove it. My sister’s experience I will relate shortly, As soon as she saw the bill n fibroids was among the conditions listed she asked for a CTN. Though I told her to be careful not to exceed the dosage sha, she took the first four bottles religiously. She waited for two weeks as I advised her then the second four, in the middle of it she started seeing fragments of the fibroid in her poo. She screamed to everyone that cared to come and See. It was then we all went to see n my mum use four toilet brush to pick some up. Behold they were thick blood clots. Besides her menstral flow got better no more waist pain. Anyway she has used two ctns n is asking for more. She has gone for scan twice n the fibroid reduced each time .So pls it is not a question of two bottles my friend. It depends on how much fibroid is in that tummy. She had infections n blocked tunes. All gone! ~Bethel Jokaroghene

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A Woman Got Pregnant afer three months of taking Ruzu
‘I have a friend who has been believing God for the fruit of the womb. She had tried IVF 3 times and wasn’t successful. So she coughed out N8million to get her first child through surrogacy. She got a girl. She also paid N10million to get her second child through surrogacy, a boy.

However her doctor friend asked her to try Ruzu, which she reluctantly did. She and her husband started taking Ruzu. She stopped after 3 months, but her husband continued because it was excellent on his BP issues. She’s presently 3 months pregnant and doing very well.’

As my friend’s wife paid for her carton of ruzu, I had chills all over my body. Natures Pure Miracle – Ruzu! Please can you tell someone to ‘TRY RUZU’!!!

WOW! Does this kind of product need any incentive? It still gives incentives! You can help someone get their health in shape and still get paid. It doesn’t get better than this…..helping lives!