Herbalstore: Kuding Tea Benefits – Kuding Tea Diabetes

by | Sep 1, 2018

“Herbalstore: Kuding Tea Benefits – Kuding Tea Diabetes”

What is Kuding (also known as Kuding Cha)? It’s officially not a tea but a herb that is different from the tea plant (camellia sinensis). ‘Ku’ means ‘bitter’ in Mandarin Chinese and ‘Ding’ means ‘needle’. This herbal drink has been part of the Chinese diet in Southern China for 2000 years. It’s popular in China, because it’s a safe botanical to drink with no toxic side effects. No wonder it’s also called the ‘ginseng of teas’, ‘beauty tea’, or ‘longevity tea’. Only in the recent years Western Research are also slowly showing support for the benefits of Kuding tea. See below for a summary of the most important research finding of recent years (based on the authority of the research journals in which they are published and the amount of citations in other journals):

Deodorization & Reduce Bad Breath with Kuding Cha

One of the earlier Japanese researchers three universities reported that Kuding Cha helps to reduce natural body odors in the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry. The most important finding is kuding cha captures ‘allyl methyl sulfide gas’ in the body, well-known to persist as malodorous breath long after the consumption of garlic!

Kuding Tea Reducing Discomport of Drinking Milk Powder

A group of researchers reported in the Journal of Food Science and Technology that Kuding tea reduces the discomfort of milk powder consumption. This finding is more relevant for some Asians who experience some allergic reactions when consuming dairy products. The conclusion was that the consumption of Ku Ding tea appeared to lower ‘lipid peroxidation’ that was induced by milk powder in the rats. As the findings are promising, future research should be performed on humans to confirm the benefits.

Weight Loss: Kuding Tea Extract Prevents Metabolic Disorders

Chinese researchers reported recently that the consumption of Kuding can prevent metabolic disorders that cause obesity/overweight. In this research mice were fed with high-fat diets. The findings suggest that kuding tea is indeed a useful dietary therapy and a potential source for the development of novel anti-obesity and lipid lowering drugs. However, this research is published in an open source journal, that is has less authority than the two findings above. Still, the design of the research does look robust to us.

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