by | Feb 28, 2017

“Men reach their sexual peak at 18. Women at 45. Do you get the feeling God is playing a practical
joke?” – Rita Rudner

Imagine getting married with the thought of having mind-blowing sex. However, your body had other plans, there is a dysfunction and performance is greatly lowered. The night goes awry, you go to bed dissatisfied at the very least and angry at the other extreme. It is a tale not to be experienced. Imagine after years of marriage with great sex experience; your wife is proud of you and you were on top of the world. Suddenly, the unexpected happens. Performance begins to drop and you start getting worried. Sooner or later, madam starts to notice and the worry
deepens. There is a dysfunction and the feeling is terrible.
Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to gain or sustain an erection for sexual intercourse. Research reveals that Erectile Dysfunction can happen to anyone of any age however it is common among older men and increases with age. ED rates have gone up during the last two decades with one out of every 4 new ED patient being under 40 years.
Note that ED is often a side effect of another prevailing condition like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or any condition that affects blood flow e.g. high consumption of soda, chips and microwavable meals expands your waistline harming your vascular function and messes up your blood flow. Alcohol, smoking and certain common medications add to this mix. Also, spending limitless hours sitting down on your desk, watching TV, driving etc. hurts your heart and waistline sapping your vigor below your belt.
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